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Research Funding Provided by:
Australian Government

Research Funding Provided by: Australian Government
Australian Research Council
National Health & Medical Research Council


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Network Member Profile

Prof Peter Rathjen


Professor Peter Rathjen

University of Melbourne, Melbourne VIC 3010
Dean Faculty of Science
Department of Zoology
Telephone: 03 8344 6407 Facsimile: 03 8344 6293

University of Adelaide, Adelaide SA 5005
Honorary Visiting Professor
Faculty of Sciences, School of Molecular and Biomedical Science (Biochemistry),
ARC Special Research Centre for the Molecular Genetics of Development and
Australian Stem Cell Centre
Telephone: 08 8303 4671 Facsimile: 08 8303 5338



Current Field of Study

  • Early mammalian development
  • Development of cell therapeutics for the treatment of human disease

Australian Collaborators

  • Professor John Hopwood, Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide

International Collaborators

  • Dr David Gilbert, J Herbert Taylor Professor of Biological Science, Florida State University, FL, USA


  • Microarray and proteomics centre
  • Centre for Electron Microscopy and Microstructure Analysis
  • Laser-dissection microscope
  • Human and Mouse stem cell culture facilities
  • Mouse transgenics facility
  • Antibody production facility

Lab Members

Prof Peter Rathjen

Head of the Lab

Melbourne University

Dr Joy Rathjen

Senior Research Fellow

Melbourne University

Dr Rebecca Keough

Senior Research Fellow

Head of the Adelaide University Laboratory

Ms Lynda Gregory-Badger Business Manager Adelaide University

Dr Norihisa Shindo

Postdoctoral Fellow

Adelaide University

Mr James Hughes

PhD Student

Adelaide University

Miss Tiffany Liu

PhD Student

Adelaide University
Ms Sarah To

PhD Student

Adelaide University


Recent Grant Income



Type of Grant


Income p.a.

Cell Differentiation Rathjen, PD ARC Special Research Centre for Molecular Genetics of Development 2000-2008 $100,000
Embryonic Stem Cell - Characterisation

Rathjen, PD, Morris, MB, Rathjen, J

Australian Stem Cell Centre 2004-2006 $428,000
Immune Modulation - Reprogramming 2 Rathjen, PD, Morris, MB, Rathjen, J Australian Stem Cell Centre 2004-2006 $221,000

Recent Publications

Johnson, B.V., Rathjen, J., and Rathjen P.D. (2006) Transcriptional control of pluripotency: decisions in early development, Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 16:447-454

Pralong, D., Lim, M.L., Vassiliev, I., Mrozik, K., Wijesundara, N., Rathjen P.D., and Verma, P.J. (2005) Tetraploid embryonic stem cells contribute to the inner cell mass of mouse blastocysts. Cloning and Stem Cells Volume 7, Number 4 2005, 272-278

Kavanagh, S.J., Schulz, T.C., Davey, P., Claudianos, C., Russell, C., and Rathjen, P.D. (2005) A family of RS domain proteins with novel subcellular localisation and trafficking. Nucleic Acids Research 33, 1309-22

Lang, K.J., Rathjen, J., Vassilieva, S., Rathjen, P.D. (2004) Differentiation of embryonic stem cells to a neural fate: a route to rebuilding the nervous system. Journal of Neuroscience Research 76: 184-92

Rathjen, J., Washington, J.M., Bettess, M.D., Rathjen, P.D. (2003) Identification of a biological activity that supports maintenance and proliferation of pluripotent cells from the primitive ectoderm of the mouse. Biology of Reproduction 69: 1863-71

Pelton, T.A., Sharma, S., Schultz, T.C., Rathjen, J., Rathjen, P.D. (2002) Transient pluripotent cell populations during primitive ectoderm formation: Correlation of in vivo and in vitro pluripotent cell development. Journal of Cell Science 115:329-39

Rathjen, J., Haines, B.P., Hudson, K., Nesci, A., Dunn, S., Rathjen, P.D., (2002) Directed differentiation of pluripotent cells to neural lineages: homogenous formation and differentiation of a neurectoderm population. Development 129:2649-61

Rodda, S.J., Kavanagh, S.J., Rathjen, J., Rathjen P.D. (2002) Embryonic stem cell differentiation and the analysis of mammalian development. International Journal of Developmental Biology 46:449-58

Stead, E., White, J., Faast, R., Conn, S., Goldstone, S., Rathjen, J., Dhingra, U., Rathjen, P., Walker D., Dalton, S. (2002) Pluripotent cell division cycles are driven by ectopic Cdk2, cyclin A/E and activities. Oncogene 21: 8320-33

Faast, R., Thonglairoam, V., Schulz, T.C., Beall, J., Wells, J.R., Taylor, H., Matthaei, K., Rathjen, P.D., Tremethick, D.J., Lyons, I. (2001) Histone variant H2A.Z is required for early mammalian development. Current Biology. 11:1183-7.

Rodda, S., Sharma, S., Scherer, M., Chapman, G., Rathjen, P.D. (2001) CRTR-1, a developmentally regulated transcriptional repressor related to the CP2 family of transcription factors. Journal of Biological Chemistry 276:3324-32. Epub 2000 Nov 9.

Rathjen, J., Rathjen, P.D. (2001) Mouse ES cells: experimental exploitation of pluripotent differentiation potential. Current Opinion in Genetics of Development. 11:587-94.

Morris, M.B., Rathjen, J., Keough, R.A., Rathjen, P.D. (2005) Biology of embryonic stem cells. In Human Embryonic Stem Cells, pages 1-28, edited by J.S. Odorico, R.A. Pederson and S.C. Zhang, BIOS Scientific

Rathjen, J., Rathjen, P.D. (2004) Embryonic Stem Cells. Isolation and application of pluripotent cells from pregastrulation mammalian embryo in Stem Cell Handbook p.33-43, edited by S. Sell, Humana Press Inc., Totowa, N.J., USA.

Rathjen, J., Rathjen, P.D. (2003) Lineage specific differentiation of mouse ES cells: formation and differentiation of early primitive ectoderm-like (EPL) cells. In Methods in Enzymology, Vol 365: Differentiation of embryonic stem cells pages 3-25, edited by J.N. Abelson and M.I. Simon, Elsevier Academic Press